Time Out: January 14, 2015

   A tip of the cap to Roxbury coach Lisa Faraci. Maybe it’s because in the past she’s experienced the challenge of motivating a team that’s struggling to find a winning grove. Full Story

Time Out: January 7, 2015

   Most of the guys of my generation lost a hero just before Christmas, even if only a few of us could recognize his name. Sy Berger, the father of the modern day trading baseball card, died at age 91. Full Story

Time Out: Dec. 24, 2014

   One of the pleasures of working in public education is to sometimes be a part of turning points in young people’s lives. Full Story

Time Out: August 13, 2014

   By John Bernhardt In another day, in another time, in another era, baseball was king. In community after community across Delaware County, nearly everyone played. Full Story

Time Out: July 23, 2014

   “They were just regular guys. Full Story

Time Out: July 16, 2014

   It is the great equalizer, a rare innovation that levels the playing field and neutralizes the power the big kids bring to a backyard baseball game. Full Story

Time Out: July 9, 2014

   By John Bernhardt In some ways it’s a test of persistence. Of course, having an eye for detail comes in handy, too. Sports’ memorabilia collectors generally start out by collecting cards as kids. Full Story

Time Out: July 2, 2014

   By John Bernhardt In Dana Lamsal, Arkville’s new Catskill Recreation Center may have found the perfect fit. Full Story

Time Out: June 25, 2014

   He was a legendary baseball star, considered by many one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game. Full Story

Time Out: June 18, 2014

   In the yesteryear of baseball, bunting was an art form. Every bunt type employed by a batter bunting the ball; the sacrifice, the squeeze, the drop bunt, or drag bunt were part of the arsenal a batter brought to the plate. Full Story