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Stop Work Order issued in Fleischmanns stalls controversial apartment renovations

State Labor Dept. cites improper asbestos removal
By Paula DeSimone

A Stop Work Order has been served on a Main Street, Fleichmanns building and a Notice of Violation issued to the owner, Avi Mendlovic, according to a report at the Fleischmanns Village Board meeting last week.

The building at 1112 Main Street and adjacent to The Tinderbox, has been undergoing a series renovations, the scope and cost of which have been questioned by local residents since Middletown and Fleischmanns Code Enforcement Officer Chris Plante and local engineer Paul Gossen reversed earlier decisions and reports about the extent of damage the building had sustained.

In recent action, Plante reportedly posted the Stop Work Order after The New York State Department of Labor, Asbestos Control Bureau located in Syracuse, inspected the building last week and issued the order. The asbestos removal in the building is not being handled correctly and must be performed by certified professional removers. The cost of such removal, done correctly, would likely be significant and is yet another public safety concern for village residents and future potential renters.

Pool repair bids

After months of anticipation, the pool bids have finally arrived in the Village of Fleischmanns. The lowest bid came in at $249,000 with the grant funding available at just $135.000. Mayor Kearney referenced an earlier offer of help from Senator Jim Seward and reached out to him. Meanwhile, a representative of Delaware Operations suggested the Village buy some equipment up front avoiding the add-on fees the construction company would charge. It is estimated that the savings could be around $25,000. The bids are good for forty-five days from the December 20 date when they were received.

The Flood Buyout maps arrived from Delaware County for the board to review with a layout of the tax parcels as an overlay. After closer look, the board realized that not all elements were noted on the maps and they could not make an educated decision without all the information. “Back to the drawing board,” said Mayor Kearney. They will obtain FEMA maps and review them.

Bids came in for the new Fire Department Rescue Buggy at $18,408 including the trade in of $7,000. It was decided that the Fire Department needed to review the bid and the board would wait for feedback.

Election resolutions were completed with the next Village of Fleischmanns election on March 20 at the Skene Library from noon–9:00 p.m.

The board voted unanimously to pay the $500 annual fee to be a member of the Coalition of Watershed Towns. The organization is an advocacy group protecting the rights of communities and residents west of the Hudson.

The board decided to require quarterly reports from the Code Enforcement Officer Chris Plante including hours, fees collected and any other information relating to Fleischmanns.

The Treasurer reported that the budget is in a “healthy condition” after receiving three out of four sewer payments from NYC. Collection of $39,000 in delinquent taxes and $30,000 in penalties helped the coffers. With the Treasurer and the Town Clerk working diligently, the Village Board has decided they still need some help in the village office. They are looking for a person to work 20 hours a week at the rate of $12 hour.

A discussion about the Fleischmanns

Zoning Board of Appeals was also on the agenda. It was suggested that they increase the three-member board to five people to make sure that a quorum is always met. A public meeting would take place before this can be changed.

Village Board members attending the meeting was Mayor Don Kearney, Larry Reilly, Fred Woller and absent was David Yates. Others attending was Winifred Zubin, Treasurer; Carey Wagner, Village Attorney; Todd Pascarella, Village Clerk; and a representative of Delaware Operations.

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